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I’ve wanted to share my genealogy journey for quite some time. I've been uncertain about exactly how. Would I just share the journey in its most authentic and organic way? Do I have to be an expert genealogist? What I decided on is just simply to share most authentically and if over time I learn very useful information or methods, perfect.   

I began researching my ancestry casually about 8 years ago. But, three years ago, my research shifted. Buying my great grandmother's home and discovering so many heirlooms took me own a search to find who I was and from whom I belonged.  It was at that point that my research became less of a pastime and more serious.  I soon realized that what I hoped to bloom within In Search of Our Garden was intertwined with my lineage.  I became devoted to taking the time to archive, research, and learn about genealogy as a practice.   It was then I began to discover the purpose of the seeds I'd been holding dear to my heart would be used for.

 My wish is that this genealogy practice will spring forth many more projects and opportunities, and serve as a shared resource for others wishing to embark on their family history journey. My deepest desire is that this story is told for many many generations after me. It is my wish that my great great grandchildren don't have to search for me.

Andrea Fenise of In Search of Our Garden beginning the black genealogy journey

With this being a formal announcement I guess, I will mark this as the beginning of my research. I want to share stories of how I began the search for my family history, research and sources to reserach, some of the records that I have found, some of my genealogy road trips, and about how my family and friends have helped me along the way. I am looking forward to any and all feedback I get from those who are reading this.  And this is why my genealogy journey begins.

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