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Garden Notes : Branches & Chainsaws

It seems that getting Big Mama's prepared for the floral farm/herbal garden is a never ending task. We had some really cold weather and snow back in late February that sort of diverted my original timeline. I made plans to install the raised beds no later than February so that I could get seeds in to enjoy spring flowers. During my drive over, I quickly realized that wouldn't happen. There lay in the middle of the lot huge branches from the neighboring abandoned home.

All in a day's work, I learned how to operate a chainsaw. I feel it is very important to learn how the basics of outside work like cutting branches, woodwork, and landscaping. I will not always have available help or the budget to pay someone so learning how to do some of these things will help tremendously.

I know many people that follow me on social media were concerned that one, I was even operating the chainsaw, and two that I didn't have protective goggles. I do need to be transparent and let you know so that you can stop worrying, I did have someone there instructing me and handling the bigger branches.

This small landscape project taught me a few valuable lessons. There will always be something to do in the garden. I knew that but working with such a bigger plot of land than I am used to requires a bit more of me.

I really have to invest in equipment and materials. I'm not naive to the fact that this would be a bit of a daunting task. I expected this. However, there is so much that I need to keep handy. Chainsaws, shovels, wheel barrels, wood, drills, nail bits- the list goes on and on.

I also have learned that not only will I be learning botany, horticulture, and such. I will also have to learn basic construction as well. I'm up for it. There is nothing more empowering than learning while you watch something grow. Beautifying and developing something so meaningful feels so much more impactful when you learn different skillsets to help along the way.

Now that the branches have all been cut and set aside I can start filling in the lot with as many raised beds as I source or build and paint some recycled tires as planters. The land is clear to grow. Next week, I will begin installing the raised beds as well as begin planning out the garden fence to construct.

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