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Last weekend the kids and I woke up early to enjoy a morning at the Memphis Farmer’s Market in Downtown Memphis. Normally, I grab an iced coffee but I got there before the coffee truck arrived so I decided to hold off until a late breakfast. I plan my meals and grocery trips around what I gather from the Farmers' Market.

For the past three years, I have been intentional about eating seasonal and local. I am a firm believer in seasonal eating. There are so many benefits to eating fruits and veggies according to the season they grow and the region in which they grow. It is for one a sustainable way of eating. Two, eating in alignment with the season supports your body. It supports the local food economy. And, seasonal foods are fresher.

I always look forward to chatting with the farmers as well as the shoppers who all are just so happy to slow their Saturdays down at the farmers market. I picked up some freshly picked zinnias, sunflowers, wildflowers, and other goodies.

I had a chance to chat with the amazing vendors about produce and other fresh and handcrafted products, life on the farm, and sometimes I even get new recipes. It was such a lovely morning and made my heart super happy, as it was just the type of Saturday morning I love. These are the type of memories I want my children to hold on to forever and make a weekly ritual for themselves or their families. I love how more Farmer's Markets are popping up around Memphis. It is so beautiful to see people sharing joy and smiles over organic food and supporting farmers.

How pretty are all of those vegetables and this bouquet? The sweetest husband and wife couple had a setup of premade gorgeous bouquets in mason jars. You could also make your own bouquet. The owner was so excted to share that he woke up at 4 am to pick all of the flowers that would come to the market that morning and that his wife made all of the bouquets. How inspiring and dedicated! I was more than happy to support them.

I was thankful that the weather was fairly nice. We had a storm the night before so it cooled off-perfect to enjoy a Saturday stroll. The morning was cool, which mean jeans and a breezy little blouse and sandals. I brought along my well used Sis is Well tote to carry all of my precious goodies home. As for my outfit… this is a Ross look.

The tote bag is available in the shop. It is a part of the Sis is Sustainable Collection. Very fitting for Farmer's Markets, right?


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